Thinking of chilling at a Beach Club in Bali ? DO NOT go to La Brisa !

Thinking of chilling at a Beach Club in Bali ?  DO NOT go to La Brisa !

By: Contributor Patricia Oswald

For those thinking of visiting a beach club in Bali, I’ve got got just one advice for you.

I can’t tell you where to go, but I can give a tip on where NOT to go….La Brisa at Pantai Batu Mejan.

I went there with my boyfriend on a Saturday afternoon, it was relatively crowded as you would expect from a beach club in one of the most popular areas of Bali.

Having spent most of time in Ubud, I’ve only heard about La Brisa from friends that had visited.

I usually have a good instinct on the places I visit from first impressions, and La Brisa didn’t give me that good vibe from the start.

The place had a negative vibe to it, and felt like it needed a good scrubbing from all the mud stains splattered on its many cushions and sofas.

Certainly not what I expected from a supposedly “reputable” name like La Brisa?

But all that is very subjective, and it isn’t the main point of what I wanna say in this post.

What I’m about to say is probably going to shock you… read this carefully !

While I was lazying in one of the sofas that face the swimming pool (located in the middle of the club), I saw two guys who were dipping and chilling.

I don’t think they knew each other, as they weren’t chatting even though they were squatting pretty close to one another.

Anyone, one of the guys then stood up and walked to the other end of the pool, with his lower body still dipped inside the pool.

What he did next was something out of a comic book.

Although his lower body was still immersed in water, I could see that he was pulling down his shorts while looking left and right to make sure that nobody was looking.

He didn’t know that I was staring right at him as I was wearing my sunglasses.

When he thought that nobody was looking, I saw him let 0ut his pee into the pool!

It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

It took only about 10 seconds before he pulled up his shorts again.

My boyfriend also saw what happened, and decided to walk over to the pool and confront him.

I couldn’t hear what was said as I will still at the sofa, but I saw the guy giving my boyfriend a hand signal to suggest that he couldn’t understand what my boyfriend was saying.

I won’t disclose his race, but let me just say that he was non-Asian.


To those who are thinking of visiting and dipping yourself in the pool at La Brisa, you might wanna think twice !